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FF Sparks (Casual)


Is it a bad sign when you're in a training course on writing plugins for a development environment, and you not only finish the exercises before everyone else, but end up writing your own test-compiler which takes a hypothetical language you design (in this case, 'PML' or 'Pathetic Markup Language') and converts it into something else (in this case, HTML). And you STILL finish that before everyone else so end up helping the other people? :)


I Say It's Good

Although jealousy can and still will reign. :) Good job!
Well, on the bright side it means you shouldn't have to worry overmuch about being overwhelmed...
Sounds like my old IT classes. Of course, I was 11 at the time.

I remember one time in another IT class when I was 15, we had a substitute teacher who was being really condescending 'cos I was female..... so I finished the exercise in five minutes and corrected a lot of mistakes that he'd made. He stopped being condescending shortly afterwards!

Femme nerds rule!