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FF Sparks (Casual)

Travel curse strikes again!

As always, my outbound journey was eventful. My flights home rarely have snags, but flights away...?

The first, longer leg (to Dallas) was quiet. In Dallas, observing my 3 hour(!) layover, they helpfully transferred me to an earlier flight with only a 1 hour layover. Of course, the airport gods could not stand for this. "Ha-ha," they chuckled. "She thinks she has it made! Let's break down the plane and send it through a half-hour inspection! And then, let's completely break it and make another plane have to be brought in!"

Finally, I make it to Austin about 30 minutes earlier than the original flight...only to discover that when they tried to move my bag to the new flight, it didn't make it. So now I'm waiting to see where my bag shows up, and pondering if I need to ritually burn my boarding pass stubs to appease the airport gods.

I did finish His Dark Materials, and enjoyed it despite the bittersweet end. Most of "A College of Magics" done too, and it is actually far better than I expected. Less polished in some ways, but with some wonderfully sarcastic dialogue.

Well, off in search of luggage...


Despite All That Trouble...

I'm glad you made it safe.

Re: Despite All That Trouble...

Yes...no TiVo for kieri this time; my flights back home are always uneventful. :)
The D/FW airport just plain sucks. That's the place I got stuck on the runway for 2 hours while flying to Seattle. Poor Shay -- he'd left early to go to the airport so had to wait for me a long time.

But glad you're there! And I'm halfway tempted to try driving up on Thursday...
Do it! :D
Aww, Thursday is a no go for me, I've got meetings all night. Bummer. :p But y'all have fun!