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FF Sparks (Casual)


Still feel sick. Actually, more sick than before. I really, really don't like flying. On the plus side, my legs are all shaved again so I can wear shorts and stuff in Austin, so that I don't die of heatstroke. (Travel hazards men likely don't consider!) Off to bed, anyway, to get some sleep before leaving tomorrow.

Oh...and if I die on the plane flight, kieri gets my TiVo and PS/2. (Don't ask, dinner conversation and a touch of morbid humor.) ;P



PS: You're going to be fine, sweetie. Come back safe. :)


Share! Share! I wanna a PS 2...with all the games. Well if she gets the PS2, can I have all the games? Granted, I don't have a PS2, but...games games games!

Can you tell I'm hyper today?