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FF Sparks (Casual)

Ah, organization...

Apparently, I have tickets to Austin for a business trip next week, but no one has made hotel arrangements. Hrm. This...mildly perturbs me. :)

I'm also slightly distressed that the president of the company just sent out an all-company e-mail in all-caps.


Our company president doesn't send his own emails, I don't think. I'm pretty sure secretaries send on their behalf.

Oh, and Sparks? You can always stay with me while you're in Austin. Yeah, so, the commute would be three or so hours....

Actually I've been told I can get off work a few hours early next week at some point, too, so....
Or you could stay here, and only be an hour and a half away! But you still won't have a car, so ... yeah. Commuting is next to impossible. But my car got fixed today, so maybe I can make a trip to Austin for dinner or something!