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Bug Update

So, there's a problem with the 2002 New Beetles, a flaw in the window regulator. I took the car into the dealer, and they're very understanding; they're going to replace the regulators on both the (broken) driver-side door and the passenger-side door with a new, better model, no charge. (I'm still under the main warranty, not the longer one.) They offered to drive me to the Eastgate Park and Ride to catch a bus back downtown to work, but things ran longer than expected and I missed my bus while setting up stuff with the service department. So they drove me all the way back across the lake to Seattle, to my office.

Whatever else people want to say about car dealers, I have /really/ loved my experience with Chaplin's Volkswagen. They've been wonderfully helpful, throw in extras at no charge, all sorts of little things.

I've done something interesting, too...I've gone onto the web to look for stories about VW owners. I've found some who have had real problems with their cars, and also a bunch who have had really wonderful experiences. And I'm noticing something.

The people who have had wonderful experiences are the ones who take the time to learn the car, to make sure that the car gets its tune-ups and take care of it. The people who have had lousy experiences and gripe about all the broken things are ones who just sort of keep the car and only take it in when it breaks. From past experience with used cars, if I take the car in for regular tune-ups and oil changes and generally keep an eye on it, it works better...and if I just let it go, things go wrong.

Guess I know how I'll be treating my Beetle. :)
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