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So, some years ago, a co-worker who had read some of my fiction (under the pen name 'Alex Piper') suggested another author to me, by the name of Phillip Pullman. He said that Pullman's work contained all the signature elements I tended to include (unusual technologies, discovery of hidden bloodlines, a mystery to fall into and explore), and that my writing style reminded him of Pullman. The one in particular he recommended was Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy.

Finally, some years later, I stumbled across a boxed set of 'His Dark Materials' in a bookstore, and bought it. I'm maybe 200 pages into the first book, The Golden Compass, and I have to admit...my former co-worker was right.

It /does/ contain all the elements I try to put into my stories, with about the pacing and imagery I prefer to use...only way more polished than my own writing. Which gives it the feeling of reading something I'd write, only I don't know what's happening next. I'm actually enjoying it a great deal.
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