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Ack! Busted Beetle...

So, I was driving FJ (wonderwombat) back up to Bellingham to hand off to her parents. En route, something apparently fell off a truck ahead of us and struck the driver side of poor Skuld with a nasty crunch and shake. (I.e., we felt the shake and heard the 'whumpcrunch', but didn't see what had hit us.) Both FJ and I went 'ugh, that doesn't sound good', but when I got to Bellingham, I saw no exterior damage so I didn't think anything of it. Handed FJ off to her parents and started back...I'd been on the freeway for all of five minutes when, with a horrible crunching noise, the driver-side window fell /inside/ of the driver-side door. I drove back the remaining 90 miles to Seattle with no driver-side window. In the cold night. On Interstate-5.

I managed to stay at about 80mph most of the way and do the trip in just over an hour. But I am cold/sore from the wind as well as wind-burned, half-deaf from the wind and noise and having trouble focusing on what people are saying as a result, and I spent part of the trip coughing after inhaling the exhaust of a semi for about 15 of the 90 miles.

I think I need to make an appointment with the dealership ASAP, which means taking a bit of time off from work. Just when you think you've had a reasonably okay day... :(
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