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FF Sparks (Casual)

Oh...kay... Lemon Juice Kills HIV, Sperm.


Um wow...

...just...wow. Huh.


If this is true, WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG???? They've been researching AIDS for almost twenty years!!!

Re: WTF??

I exclaimed the same thing to someone and they said you know it always takes years upon years to find the easiest solution.

I mean, who -does- think of using lemon juice to kill of sperm/hiv sperm?
I've - don't ask how - gotten lemon juice on sensitive areas of my flesh.

My ass, it doesn't hurt.
I read about this in a home remedy book in middle school! I asked the birth control educator who came in to preach to us about it and she told me I was full of beans. Hrmph. I feel vinidcated now. :P

It's gotta really mess with the chemistry down there, though. ouchie.
Yeah...I admit if I were thinking 'gosh, which of my bodily orifices do I want to fill with lemon juice', that particular one would be pretty far down the list, personally. :)
I guess they'll be using lemon meringue in American Pie 3.