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FF Sparks (Casual)


[Wizards] Chocolate covered, Jesse says, "I want deviled eggs."
[Wizards] @ Rachel wants Jesse's deviled eggs.
[Wizards] Chocolate covered, Jesse says, "If I had a nickel for every time every woman has said that to me...."
[Wizards] Chocolate covered, Jesse says, "....I'd have a nickel."
[Wizards] @ Rachel snickers.
[Wizards] % Jeanne laughs.
[Wizards] % Jeanne says, "I am so tempted to post that quote set in my LiveJournal to immortalize it, Jesse. :)"
[Wizards] Chocolate covered, Jesse grins. "Go ahead. :)"


Now it's stripping your returns. ;)
My suggestion is just to put everything in <span style="font-family: monospace;">, but your mileage may vary.
*muttergrumble* I changed it to <code>, but silly LochJournal wouldn't turn off the 'Don't Auto Format' option, so I had to go load Semagic and edit it that way. :)
I am apparently the last human being I know to be using the default client. And even then probably not for long, as it's driving me to distraction with "Cannot connect to server" errors.


I like LochJournal's features. I like Semagic's stability. :)