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FF Sparks (Casual)


Scientists have found another planet in our solar system! Golly, science-fiction will be even more dated now, when you have people flying out of the solar system past Pluto. I bet we'll see new sci-fi stories before too long that have Quaoar in them. Just wait until the next blockbuster film where they're trying to mine on Quaoar and uncover Something Sinister frozen in the ice... ;)


This reminds me of one of Christine Lavin's songs: Planet X

It's how I was introduced to Christine Lavin and is one of her good ones. :)

It's not a planet yet, since the jury's still out on whether to keep Pluto listed as a planet. But still, this is exciting news! o_o
That's nifty, especially for the astronomy buff that still lingers within me.

And I had to read, of course. It's that whole Planet X thing, with the talk about a 10th planet for a while.
Yeah, but who determines what exactly makes a planet? :p

A Whim?

I'm wondering when people will lobby that it's just not politically correct to exclude Pluto just because it's the little guy.
Quaoar: "Their only god who 'came down from heaven; and, after reducing chaos to order, [put] the world on the back of seven giants. He then created the lower animals,' and then mankind. Los Angeles County Indians, California" (source: http://www.angelfire.com/journal/cathbodua/Gods/Qgods.html )

I wonder if they're really, really sure this time, or if this will be like that second moon thing. ;)

Hi, I'm Nikki. Your user icon was nifty and your journal seemed interesting, and so I added you to my friends list. Don't mind me. ;)


The Shocking Truth

It's spelled 'Quaoar' but it's pronounched Yuggoth!

... hey, where Lovecraft came from, they pronounce 'kumquat' as 'co-hog'. It could happen.