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*primal scream of frustration*


Because ONE person who has internal political power doesn't like the software I was handed to set up the bug tracking system here, I may have to throw out three weeks of work setting up the schemas and reports and documenting the defect-tracking process for teams here. The worst part is that the flaw this guy is pointing out is the same flaw I pointed out two and a half weeks ago and was told "just ignore it, we'll work around that." Now suddenly it's a big issue and I need to come up with alternatives; I can't even dispute that it is an issue because they're /right/, I even pointed it out myself two and a half weeks ago!

This dispute has been going on for a week now, and it's been draining me and leaving me a bit listless after work; I have had trouble remaining motivated to keep working on the existing system when I wasn't sure whether or not the existing system would still be the system of choice the next day. Grumble.

I'm going to write up a report on various cost/time alternatives before the end of the day today, but right now I still feel sick -- I caught Brent's nasty flu of death -- and I feel a lot like I want to just curl up under my desk and nap.


Well, it really is just like coming back to Quicksilver of before. I can laugh about that, right? :)
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