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FF Sparks (Casual)

Comics theft...!

To anyone who reads Ozy and Millie (one of my favorite webcomics) or Sinfest, check out stolen comics, and do what you can to help these two web-artists.


That's just sad. If the coldguy.com guy hadn't wrote, I wonder if Simpson or Ishida would even have known how much of a yutz this guy was. The guy's been suspended for plagiarism, so that's about as much as I'd hope for anyways.
Grah. Too bad I'm not still at NIU, or I'd kick this guy's ass myself. (Maybe when I visit?) Mangle mangle mangle.

Or maybe I can get a drop on him and start checking with my friends for local news. I'm pretty sure they'll be more than happy to wander into the Northern Star office and report this - especially since they read Ozy and Millie, too. For what little that'd help further investigation.
That's awful.

And he didn't even pick especially funny ones to yank, either. :>