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FF Sparks (Casual)

RIP, Moya...

On Friday, SFC took the chainsaws to the Moya sets for Farscape. The Farscape folks haven't completely given up, but their talks with fans about saving the show have definitely changed tone in the transcripts...more a 'maybe someday' and 'thanks for the fun' tone now. :(



I love that show. BBC2 has only just started showing the fourth season so I have another year or so before I run out of new Farscape. That show completely rocks though. I missed the second half of the 3rd season though because of crazy BBC scheduling and that strange educational thing called University.

They better find a way to bring the show back. It's the best Humerous sci-fi since Red Dwarf.
NOOOO! I'd heard other channels were courting them, and that they'd decided not to destroy the sets... that's so incredibly depressing!!! *sniffle* *sob*
They can always rebuild sets.