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So, they cancelled one of my two bus routes to work. Not wanting to wait around 30 minutes for a much later bus after realizing this, I decided to drive to the transit center, where I could get another route downtown. ...and discovered a total lack of parking. I played parking-shark for 25 minutes before I gave up and drove home as quickly as I could and ran to the bus stop and caught my bus. (I'm actually not sure I remembered to lock the Beetle, I fled it so fast.)

So I get to work, and I don't have access to the bug database to do what I need to get it set up on Friday. I pester people for a couple hours until I get the database access, only to find that the design is totally wrong. I ask about this, and am told to wait for a judgment call by a higher-up...who's been in meetings all day. So I'm working on release plan documents instead. Whoot.
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