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FF Sparks (Casual)


They didn't block off the building, at least not before I got out. But three news choppers and two news vans, a fire engine and an ambulance were all converging on the Bank of America tower. Hm. Perhaps I should watch the news tonight...


In a possibly unrelated story, they busted three dudes on Alligator Alley this morning... according to the American press they turned out to be med students, but the waitress at the Shoneys would have us believe otherwise. I think somebody's been up to something. And we're managing to bust'em.

Dunno. Probably never will, for real.


Ya gotta wonder just how many waitresses there are working in diners who have experience in criminology...
Someone should hold this up as a prime example of why the TIPS(TM) program is a Bad Idea.
According to the FBI and general scuttlebutt around my office, it was a practical joke that got taken seriously. Waitresses in Shoneys have a habit of looking funny at guys in turbans, I guess. (I work for a fire department in range of Alligator Alley.)