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Surreal Weekend!

Well, I had a lot of fun, but Brent the houseguest has departed, Idaho-bound and from there to visit another friend in Utah. It was a lot of fun to have him here, even if he drew a picture of me being evil and beating him at a video game. I would NEVER be evil!

On Saturday, we went up to Mt. Rainer and did a little sightseeing. On Sunday, we met up with another friend (so we had Jen, Jen, Jenn, Rachel and Brent. Trying to address someone as 'Jen' got interesting and confusing!) and went to Seattle Center. The wonderful big fountain near Center House was going, and Brent ran down to play in it and get himself wet. Roommate-Jen dared me to run down, and then all of us decided to while Brent would watch and take pictures. Unfortunately, poor Roommate-Jen wiped out and turned her knee, elbow and hip into raw meat. EEEEW! And Monday was the first day of her new job! But Brent immortalized the moment with his camera and in his sketchpad.

Overall, it was fun. And work is straightened out and sorted out and everything is back to normal. Life is good. And we've still got Canada-Jen visiting. And we got chicken from Ezell's tonight, which is the best fried chicken in the world! :)

Now it's time for me to sleep, soon. Work tomorrow, and all that jazz. Zzzz...
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