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FF Sparks (Casual)


dpassmor is my personal god. David managed to perform Scary RAID Voodoo and get back all the files.

This does not mean foobar is live again quite yet!

The drive is mounted read-only for the moment (though everyone can get to their files again). The RAID partition is being backed up offline to another machine. At that point, foobar will be taken down again and the RAID partition destroyed and reconfigured clean, and then all the data copied back. I am /also/ looking into how to set up an automated off-site backup for the ungodly amount of data we have. Everything will be live again before too long, however...and the machine /did/ come through intact.

Everyone owes David big, big thanks. If you're female and in the Silver Springs area of Maryland, I suggest a date or something as thank you to him! :)


I'll never understand how that whole "hardware" stuff works, but I'm glad someone does.

Well, I'm not female and I'm nowhere near Maryland. I don't think Lilly's parents would appreciate me lending her for the night either, but it's the thought that counts, right? ._.; Anyways...
Thanks, dpassmor!

And thanks to you for putting up with us users, seattlesparks. :)
Suck up. ;)

Besides, I have dibs if you switch teams. <.< >.>


I'm female and I live in DC. Is this David fella cute? :)

Re: Hmmm.

Yes, he is. Strikingly so, I've heard.

Re: Hmmm.

Hmm. He sounds kind of immodest, though, is the only thing.

Re: Hmmm.

He's also the TinyMUSH author, so you get geek bragging-rights if you bag him. :)

Re: Hmmm.


Re: Hmmm.

It's just confidence, s'all. Right, Sparks?

Re: Hmmm.

I plead the fifth. ;)

Re: Hmmm.

I'm told that's considered attractive by many... :)

Re: Hmmm.

That's what I hear. How about you?

Re: Hmmm.

It depends, but hey, if you're a TinyMUSH developer :)

Seriously, I have a boyfriend and am not looking for another, but dinner and conversation is always nice. Have you and chaosrunner ever been to Jaleo?

Re: Hmmm.

Better immodest than falsely modest. And, speaking as his housemate, he /is/ a hell of a guy.

Also note, if it doesn't work out, I'm also an attractive, single male in the DC area and while I can't perform 'scary RAID voodoo', I do host foobar. ;)
Thank you, David. Speaking as yet another Foobar user whose game is now once more alive, THANK YOU.

I just hope you didn't have to sell anything useful to pull it off. :)

(And yes, he is a very attractive fellow.)



Now you're tempting me to book a plane ticket down to DC just to see this David guy...well...Max is cute too. ^.~

Re: Allright...

I am not cute.

I'll accept 'not unattractive' which connotates about the same level of physical attractiveness, but there's something very un-me about 'cute'.

I think I'll go find a kitten to strangle to stop myself from feeling so dirty.