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FF Sparks (Casual)


Yes. I know. I know Noderunner/Riverdark/et al is still down. IM'ing me to ask when Nausicaa.net, or Noderunner, or Riverdark, or whatever hosted site or MU* or whatever will do NO GOOD. The machine is in Maryland, and I am in Seattle. dpassmor is the person on-site to fix it, and there's very little I can do remotely; he's working on it. As soon as I have any info on an ETA for the machine's uptime, I'll let everyone know.

Thank you. I'm sorry for being snappish, but I've been getting these IMs or pages /all day/, and there's really nothing I can do from here. :(


Oh great, now they'll be IMing /me/.

If it were something I knew, I would have the root disk copied in a few minutes. If you can give me instructions on how to partition that second disk, move the data to it, and make it bootable, it would save me a lot of time.
Sorry, David; I didn't mean to toss the IMs on you. I was just frustrated.

As for partitioning it, just copy the settings from the boot drive's fdisk to the unused one; they're identical drives. I can't walk you through it easily without a console myself to follow along with. :(

Actually, if it's easier, Linux 2.0.x can read FreeBSD 4.x drive partitions, and the slices within the partitions. If you just yank the boot drive and plug it into a Linux box as a secondary drive and fsck it there, you may be able to fix it that way.
If it makes you feel better, I know absolutely nothing. But I can offer chocolate? *offers chocolate*
Is there a FreeBSD machine I can log into to read man pages while I'm at work? And how do I install a boot block on the second drive, and change the boot loader and...

F*ck it, I'll use 'dd' and switch the cables.
I can ask Adam about getting you an account on myth; it's running 4.5 to foobar's modified 4.4, so it's fairly close, though it doesn't have RAID arrays and stuff.