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FF Sparks (Casual)

*laugh*electricsoup, ironman, gwyndyn, lfett, piter_kenobi and all managed to drag Ted Raimi (Joxer, from Xena) to their room for the room party I was going to. shadowfey, mistresschaos, eternaldawn and I went up and got to meet Ted Raimi, who bartended the party for a little while. Unfortunately, some other folks saw him on the room balcony from another room, and the party got lemminged into after a while, but it was fun when there was about 10-15 of us and Ted Raimi just hanging out and talking about stuff. Alas, we were going to get Lani Tupu and Jason Carter into the party too, but Jason Carton apparently got drunk and wandered off someone, and I think Lani Tupu fled the crowds of fangirls.

Still, it's been fun! But waaaah, mistresschaos has to leave early tomorrow! And eternaldawn leaves tomorrow evening. *sniff* But we've had fun actually meeting each other. :)

Unfortunately, there's not enough hours in the day! I want to spend time with the ASiT crew, and more time with the Firan crew than I have, and go hassle Jason Carter (muahaha...ahem), and and and... waugh! We need to extend days to 52 hours for conventions.



That is...so unfair. I want to cry.



(This is Dryad from the now-defunct HP:OP)
But take comfort that your URL-fu is still stronger than mine! Bwah! ;)


Well...okay, I guess that's some consolation. Still--that's pretty darn cool. I told my roommate and she had quite the little fit about it. (She had emergency surgery a couple of weeks back, and that's why we aren't there.)


I met him two years ago too, long enough to get an autograph from him for a friend who had a thing for him. He's a neat guy...though by the time he left the party, he was really plastered. Heck, he was pretty far gone by the time he got TO the party...
I'm jealous, too, but far more of getting to hang out with the ASiT folks than with Ted Raimi. Although I'm jealous of that, too; he's cool.



I don't even watch Xena... but rumpled tux, tipsy demeanor, and tousled hair aside, he was civil, pleasant and cute. ;p

Put up those pictures already! ^_^


I hate you all. I want Ted Raimi nookie. He serves my geek fetich delightfully. bah! Bah, I say. Again!