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FF Sparks (Casual)


Found eternaldawn, and got back to the hotel.

We're in the overflow hotel, which is actually a nicer hotel (and next-door).

Apparently some of the guests are also staying here; we just shared an elevator with Lani Tupu, and Ben Browder is apparently somewhere in the hotel too (Crais and Creighton from Farscape).

I'd forgotten the D*C tradition of bumping into guests in elevators. :)


Holy good god! Get an autograph for me if you can at all do so! HUBBA HUBBA!

At this rate, I think I could get Lani Tupu's autograph pretty easily; we keep bumping into him. :P
PLEASE DO. I would love you for a v. long time.

Yes. Really.

I'd even stop making angel hair pasta with marinara.

*whimpers hopefully*

Ahh! Stars!!

Gah, I wish I was there! I would LOVE to meet up with any Farscape stars. Ben Browder rocks! He is such a hottie. Mmmmmm.