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FF Sparks (Casual)


I've always had odd luck with travel; if a plane is overbooked and they don't get volunteers, I will be the one "bumped" most times. My luggage periodically takes vacations without me. I've been in a (thankfully minor) crash. My preparing to go to the airport seems to cause unrelated disasters to spring up.

In short, traveling with me can, at times, be like that ancient Chinese curse; even though I get where I am going and enjoy the end result, the travel itself is often an adventure. And my travel curse still seems to apply.

1) I get sick two days before leaving.

2) Noderunner dies, far too close to everyone leaving for it to be fixed.

3) My flight is -- I kid you not -- bumped from its gate. Not just bumped, either; switched with another flight on another airline. So my America West flight departs from a Continental gate, and vice versa. Never mind that all the boarding passes said the original gates or that the gate check-ins were still at the original gates. Much confusion...!

4) One of the "random search" folks claimed $100 was taken from her wallet, delaying boarding. And there was confusion as to whose she was; Continental's or America West's.

5) I've had 4 hours of sleep in the past 2 days (see point 1); I was planning to sleep on the plane. However, I ended up in the one row where the seats do not recline (i.e. the row one in front of the emergency exit). The little sign taunts me, with "Federal aviation regulation 121.310(f) prohibits your seat from reclining."

6) While considering elusive sleep and glaring at the little sign, I realized I had indeed forgotten one thing: pajamas. Ah, well; I can get something at the airport or hotel.

And Phoenix is flat and brown, but has no cellular roaming fee for me! (Yes, I /am/ bored...)


You were in Phoenix?! What about...

Hey did you get a stop over in Phoenix in time to see our exciting adventure with the American West plane lastnight? I don't know if this really helps your curse or confirms it but an AM West plane landed and then the front wheels broke sending it careening across the runway into a pile of dirt. Rough landing for all involved but they all got out okay. Wierd huh?
Man, I /so/ know what you mean. I am totally travel-cursed. I always get to my destination fine, have a lovely time while I'm there, but on the /way back/, every time, something goes wrong. Usually multiple somethings. For example:

On the way back from the infamous New Orleans trip, I sprained my ankle. I could barely walk but there was only a few hours until my flight took off, so I went to the airport instead of the hospital and asked that they have a wheelchair waiting at the gate for my connecting flight. Of course, they didn't. I missed said connecting flight, wound up going to the hospital in Atlanta, then staying overnight in a hotel where I got three hours of sleep (yay) and then going to the airport in the morning for a standby flight, only to find out that the airport in Wilmington (home) was closed because it was snowing. I live in the heart of the south. It NEVER snows. So I finally catch an even later flight, and then when I get to Wilmington my mom forgot to pick me up even though I called her. Twice. Which turned out to be okay because I fell asleep in the back of the plane and they didn't notice me until they were ready to board for the next flight.

On a happier note, my bags made it to Raleigh without me (which was where I'd have flown in if the airport hadn't been at fault in my missing my connecting flight 'cause they didn't have the wheelchair waiting), which is where my ex-boyfriend (he was even an ex at the time but there is a LONG story involved in that) was waiting patiently to pick me up and then drive the whole way back to Wilmington. Mwah. So he ended up staying at the airport for eight hours and all he picked up was my bags. Karma, I tell you, karma.
Sparky, if you really want a pair of PJs, you have like 18 hours to let me know...Bill and I won't be at the hotel until 2PM and we live like 30 min. away;)
Yes, please, if you think it will fit. (One step beyond ICly sharing clothes?) :)