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FF Sparks (Casual)


My friend Brent will be visiting from out-of-town! He'll be arriving tomorrow sometime and sticking around through Monday. And my friend Jen (not to be confused with my roommate Jen) is coming down from Chilliwack as well. And since roommate-Jen and Canada-Jen and Brent and I are all friends, this'll be fun!

So we'll get to take him all over Seattle and be silly and just hang out! Friends visiting is always good!

Plus, I just got a TiVo, which is a fun new toy!


Re: Visitor

Hey cool. He's traveled far in a week. See if he can upload his photos? I wanna show off the big Rubber Duck picture. It was hilarious. Say hi to him for me kay?

Re: Visitor

Relayed the hi, and he borrowed my laptop long enough to upload the pictures. :)