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So, as Tuesday drags along, I begin to feel a little woozy. I think nothing really of it.

But now I have a fever, headache, sore throat and feel nauseous. I cannot sleep, because of the sore throat and fever, and this nasty persistent tickle in my throat which I know is going to develop into full-blown coughing.

Yep, seems to be the Death Cold that's been going around persistently for so many people. And this RIGHT BEFORE DRAGON*CON.

*grumble* This is so horribly unfair! Couldn't I have gotten the cold, I dunno, two weeks ago and gotten over it by now? But no, it has to be RIGHT BEFORE I leave for a convention to go see a bunch of friends. I'm not going to let it cancel my trip, but I'm not looking forward to flying feeling this way. At this point, I'm going to just stay up overnight and then keel over around 9pm Wednesday so that I can get some decent sleep through sheer exhaustion before I fly out on Thursday morning.
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