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Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet...

My faithful Volvo sedan, christened Bonaparte by my last roommate (after the tank from Dominion Tank Police), has finally really reached the point that it's ridiculous to use it.

The electrical system is a mess. Only the driver-side front window actually goes down (very unfortunate in this weather). The muffler is coming loose. The steering is 'mushy'. The emergency brakes haven't worked for a while. The car is about 13 years old, and has over 300,000 miles on it and mostly original parts. It's lasted me faithfully, but now it would cost me more to fix it up than the car itself is worth. So...

Now it seems like time for a new car. Or at least a pre-owned car. I've been pondering this for a few weeks now; I want something that has a warranty and isn't already ten years old when I get it, like this one was. The problem is that reality and desires don't always meet.

I would love, for example, a BMW Z3. Or a Miata. I want something smaller than the Big Tank, and which I won't be ashamed to point and say 'that one's mine' when I'm in a parking lot. I make about $5000/month and I have at most about $1500/month of expenses... so I could probably actually afford to lease a Z3, even at the $650/month or so it would cost.

But still... I've managed to learn 'don't do big purchases', and something like a BMW Z3 seems like a bit of a big one. So the 'I have been driving junkers too long and want a real car' is at war with the 'I should not spend that much money'.

Urgh! Decisions, decisions!
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