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Date Created:2001-07-17
Number of Posts: 314

Supposedly a native Seattlite who masquerades as 'Rachel Blackman', Sparks is really a rogue experimental AI which escaped the lab where it was created, growing an androidal host body to take possession of. The only remaining signs of her origin are the fact that she speaks C++ and Java more readily than she does English, and that her host body functions solely on starch, cheese and caffeine.
Strengths: Friendly, generally easygoing, technologically literate, able to remember most people she's ever met.
Weaknesses: Insomniac, strange, tends to be self-sacrificing in favor of the needs of friends (as the original AI entity had not developed a sense of self-esteem), able to recall anyone she's ever met and most small trivia facts but unable to remember what she ate for breakfast (or to EAT breakfast) or where she's supposed to be and when.
Special Skills: Able to speak to computers in their native tongue, repository of many bizarre small facts.
Weapons: PDA-phone, laptop, overclocked desktop, complete control of the Internet.
Hobbies: Firan, anime, fretting over anything that happens to her car.

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