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FF Sparks (Casual)

Resistivity of Germanium

This is the funniest undergrad college lab paper I've ever read.


Was itmentioned what grade he got? ;)
LOL... too funny.

Of course, it was made all the more amusing because I read "Geraniums" like the flower for the first chunk of the paper. Puts a whole new spin on the experiment!
Man, if soldering wires onto germanium is hard, I hate to think about soldering wires onto a /geranium/!
Some UW-Madsion comp sci people are very cool.

Others... are quite the opposite part of the spectrum.
*rolls* That's absolutely hilarious! And all the more so because it's so perfectly representative of a physics major's life. :)
Yes, I figured of anyone on my friends list, you would be the one to appreciate that.

Even better is that if you check out his resume, you see that he /did/ go into CS afterwards. ;)
I sure don't blame him! ;)