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FF Sparks (Casual)

This boggles the mind...

A starving country turns down bioengineered corn, because they are afraid of infringing on patents. While some of the other objections in the article did not surprise me, this particular twist of bioengineered food ethics is one I admit I had never really conceived of. It stupefies me.


The scary part about all this bioengineered foodstuffs is (1) what if the GMO stuff has some sort of hidden nasty side effect we don't know about because we haven't bothered testing it enough, and (2) what if that turns out to be dominant?

Then there's the biz with the Terminator gene, where Monsanto fixes it so that you have to buy seed *from them* every year because the big, fat, sweet, juicy seeds you're growing are sterile....

And the really scary part is what if the pollen from a plant is potent but the seeds are sterile, and the Terminator gene gets into Monsanto's seed corn.... we all starve.

Some things just goddamn well shouldn't be messed with. It sounds like a Luddite point of view, but I think it's just common sense.