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Casualties of the Cheese War

This is becoming a trend. Every Monday, the world changes.

July 30th, we had the supersonic cheese.

August 6th, we had the announcement of the cheese turning around and heading back mostly in the direction it came.

Today, we learned of the wave/particle duality of cheese; you can either observe the existance of cheese /or/ where it might be, but not both at the same time. :P

The short form is that while we get to continue more or less with what we wanted to do, our manager is a casuality of the Cheese War. The losing side still had enough political power to get him demoted effective this morning. This is unfortunate; we're not entirely sure how it will affect our team. The CEO of the company is our ally, but as of this week we're actually splitting into the sub-company so I don't know how long he can continue to be an ally.

We all still like what we're doing, and like the team mix, but admittedly there's some skepticism and wariness over this development. We think it'll all even out, but it is getting a little unsettling to have the world shift and change every Monday. :/
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