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FF Sparks (Casual)

I choose YOU...!

As seen in amurderofcrows's journal, my Pokename is:


You live in the arctic wastes of Kamchatka, and your diet consists mostly of grass, insects and blood.

(Combat and Non-combat)
You can swim in air. You can spit sand. You have a fear of Dr. Pepper. You can walk on poison.

</b>Natural Enemies</b>
Your natural enemy is Clemon.

Bizarre, hrm? :)


Gotta link 'em all!

See my journal for more info on which Pokémon I am.

Would it amuse you to know I have an account on the box hosting this site? ^_^ The guy who wrote this is a friend of Calc's. Just name-dropping, because I can. Mwahahaha... haha... *hack cough*...