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FF Sparks (Casual)


Ok, you know a movie is bad when A) you find the characters so unsympathetic that you are cheering on the species that is trying to exterminate humanity, B) people are driving away from the drive-in mid-movie, C) you find the plot so boring you'd rather post to your LJ from your PalmPilot than watch. My prediction that Lilo and Stitch would be the better movie was accurate.

On the plus side, being in the car means we can ridicule the movie. And there goes another car...

This movie so sucks; at least making fun of it is enjoyable. Though we can guess the lines before they're spoken, and the plot-twists. Predictable much...?


Will be on tomorrow pretty much all day. Going to bed 'early' tonight; if after 4 am can be said to be early. Didn't sleep last night, after all. Catch me then if you wanna - if not, no big, just lemme know so I don't lemming. Night. THud. Zz.
...how the hell do you lock and load a fire axe, anyway?!
Well I liked Reign of Fire. You don't have to. But I did.

So there. ;)
Hee. It was a horrible movie. But fun, I think.

I've seen worse. This one just happened to be eminently MST3k-able.
Well that's fine. I'm not trying to say it was American Beauty quality filmmaking, but it had a draw for me. :)