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FF Sparks (Casual)

General musings

Ow, I still feel like I've been hit by a truck. Sore all over, going up and down the stairs actually hurts. Dunno what I did to myself to bring this on.

Still not finding any jobs. Mom thinks I should've taken the RCMP job in a computer crimes division and studied forensics, but it sounds like the funding for that program was cut after all. Playing phone tag with another recruiter...but just starting to wonder if I should give up on the tech industry and do something else. I hate being unemployed, I hate feeling like a financial drain on society. It doesn't matter that I paid the money for my unemployment insurance through taxes...it just matters that I don't have an income now, nothing productive to contribute to society. And the tech industry is unstable, and has a tendancy to eat people, chewing them up and spitting them out burned out and broken.

At least I'm going to a Chieftains concert in about 20 minutes, and I'm not quite as depressed as before. And I've had no shortage of RP...

On Firan, after all, my primary character is embroiled in the most farcical romantic entanglement I can imagine. I don't even know where to begin on describing that...

And on ASiT, Draco's dealing with repercussions of the darker parts of his family's past, some realizations about his own path and facing the very bitter realization that he's going to actually have to ask the Trio for /help/ with something. Meanwhile, with the appearance of a banshee with some connection to both the Malfoy and Weasley families, the Weasleys (and a number of other students, for their own reasons) are looking into the past of the family feud. Things are afoot...


Jealousy. Much jealousy.
It's been a good concert so far!


You posted that with your PDA-phone, didn'tcha? DIDN'TCHA?!

You wouldn't have been doing that two years ago, don'tchaknow, it was at Chateau Ste-Michelle, and Paddy brought us some fine Irish weather to go with it... he remarked on same, and we all tittered and adjusted our raincoats and blankets and tarps and such, and sat (or stood) there in the rain on the lawn and watched Paddy and company do their thing....

Geek. :) :) :)


Actually, I was trying to post an LJ entry from at the concert during the break, but HandheLJ didn't work. So I was going to go to the web-form to submit, but HandheLJ can't copy/paste, which meant I would've had to rewrite the entire entry in the web-form. Waugh! But while I was there, I noticed a comment on the post (I went to my page to see if the entry /had/ posted and HandheLJ was lying to me), and couldn't resist replying. :)
Come work at the comic shop with me! It'll be fun. We'll start a mini-geek commune here.
Quit trying to lure my roommate to citizenship in the Land of Geekiness, will ya? She's already got frequent flier miles and an extended student visa. ;)

Not to mention I'd have to find somewhere else to live without her. The horror, the horror.
No one said you couldn't come with her. :)