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Wheeeeeeee...*thud* x.X

Quite a day. Got up to find that someone had been ICly killed on Firan and happened to be the most senior admin unidle at the particular moment, so sorted some of that out.

Went off for a walk with my mom, who suggested that I try to follow up on taking the RCMP computer-crimes job I had been poked about some time ago, and that I look into studying forensics while working with the RCMP if the job was still open. (I've been feeling dissatisfied with the tech industry since Quicksilver began their downhill slide, and forensics is one of the various things that has been an interest of mine for years, being somewhat like archaeology in that you have to take a picture after events and puzzle out what the pieces mean; It's why C.S.I. is my favorite series these days.)

Got back...in time for Firan to crash. Sorted out why, tried to work with it... another crash. Brought David Passmore in to look at things as well, we tried another solution and...it worked for a little while, and crashed. Luckily, David gave Firan the use of an UltraSPARC IIi with a whole bunch of RAM and swap space, which was not otherwise being used. Temporarily, we're running on this server until the 3.1 port can be done... but alas, the troubles were not over. For all the passwords were encrypted with FreeBSD's DEScrypt library, which didn't work with Solaris' crypt. Rather than face having to change the password of every character on the game, David and I ported the DEScrypt library to Solaris and rebuilt Firan using that. ...and tada, Firan was up. Only 7 hours after the crash upon my return from my walk.

AND my roommate wanted me to clean my area of the computer room (which I think I did a fairly good job of) as soon as possible since someone's arriving from out of town on Thursday morning, and I ended up having to help someone with another code project during all that.

Right now, I desperately want a box of donuts and a Mike's Hard Lemonade.
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