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Is it hot in here, or am I just flushed...?

So, our company opened our Japanese division recently. During today's company meeting they served us sake in celebration, complete with traditional square wooden cups. It's very rude to turn down something like that, so I figured, well, one little helping wouldn't hurt.

Unfortunately, lunch arrived late.

So we had sake on empty stomachs.

And it turned out to be a relatively strong, if not particularly good, brand.

And I have no alcohol tolerance... or as I put it, the alcohol tolerance of an inexperienced gnat.

I spent the next few hours very giggly. I think I tried to flirt with my particularly cute co-worker, but I can't clearly remember. I apparently was very productive but hard to talk to... and then a few hours later I became lucid and veeeery very tired.

In retrospect, perhaps serving sake at lunch was not the best idea. ;P
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