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Well, it's been one of Those Days[tm].

So, someone whose site I host managed to piss off the WORA/SORE crew. Having heard one side of the story from her and reading the other side on the boards after this mess was pointed out to me, I honestly think the entire thing is ridiculous. She got tired of having one of her character's descs mocked on one EzBoard and evidently after a lack of response from others simply contacted the EzBoard admins and called 'copyright infringement' on the desc they had written and had them pull the thread as per the EzBoard terms of use. When the thread was put back by the board users several times, the EzBoard folks simply chose to pull the board. But now, feeling burned and angry, the other board users are evidently trying to find ways to have this person's website about a series of books, which I host, shut down. So I get a 'be aware they'll probably start trying to make legal threats' e-mail from the two who run the site. Lovely. Nice to know gamers are so mature.

Still not getting any significant job leads; the last one I got is in /Austin/, of all places. While I have nothing against Texas, I think I would die in that sort of heat. Melt into a little puddle, or something. Maybe I need to be more open to relocation, though...I dunno. At any rate, I'm still not coping well with the 'no income, not a productive member of society' feeling. Plus, already on-edge and raw-nerved, I got a little irked at another admin on one game for @forcing my sleeper object to do things while I was offline as a gag, and now I've upset yet one more person.

The only productive thing I've done in the past week other than dig furiously through Firan code and hardcode and track down why we were sigsegv'ing was spending all day yesterday re-writing a Trillian plugin for Scott, to add text-pager support to Trillian...and it still doesn't do everything the way I would've hoped for, and crashed at least one other person's machine in a way I can't reproduce on mine. Hopefully Scott can sort it out given the source code I tossed his way. Looks like I might do something else productive today, trying to help Scott with some other code...it'd be nice to feel like I've achieved SOMETHING.

Add to that the car accident of the other day, and just a sort of general bleh malaise that I've been afflicted with for quite some time now...

I just feel...detached, somehow. Like I'm still going through the motions of interacting, but halfheartedly. Like there's a glass wall between me and everyone else and I'm living solely in my head and really only observing the real world. It's a little distressing...or it would be, if I could bring myself to actually care about it. I dunno...maybe I need to take a break from the 'net; I just don't know what ELSE I would do since I'm basically broke, and it would be hard to keep job-hunting or doing contract work or anything while offline.
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