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Bad Car-ma...

So, some days I have bad traffic karma. Yesterday, I had it in spades.

I went to pick up two friends from the airport, and got caught too far on the left of the freeway with a two-lane, five-mile-long convoy of tractor-trailer trucks between me and the exit. Needless to say, I missed the airport exit and went south to have to turn around. Came back up the freeway towards the same exit, and found a tow-truck hauling a truck away from the exit. Again, denied! So up further north, turn around, and back down to the southbound exit. Nearly blocked from the exit by some jerk in a sports car, but managed to slip on and get to the airport. WHEW!

So I pick up the two I'm taking back, and head along the road. It's stop-and-go traffic, but then it starts to go a little faster. Somewhere up ahead of me, a bunch of people slam on their brakes. I start to slam on mine, having more than enough room to stop, and the person behind me (someone in an SUV) does NOT stop. I let up on the brakes to get a little distance on the SUV, judging that I still have enough to pump the brakes and stop before I hit the car in front of me. SUV finally hits their brakes, I slam on mine...and get close enough to the car in front of me that the tip of one screw of my license-plate scores a little scratch in his bumper's paint. The SUV comes to a stop about two inches behind me, if that. As soon as traffic starts to move, the SUV zips off to the side and dashes off in another lane... the other driver and I pull over to inspect damage (two tiny scrapes, one on each car, no big deal) and gripe about the SUV driver (the other driver saw the SUV too, and says he understood the decision I made; either tap the person in front of me or get wiped out from behind). The accident itself didn't shake me much, especially since we could barely feel it, but the fact that the SUV driver came so close to just ramming me from behind... GRRRR. Some people need to learn better driving.

Then I got caught in traffic again. Meh. My car-ma was evidently very bad yesterday. :/
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