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FF Sparks (Casual)


Lawmaker proposes legalized hacking against P2P Networks.

Okay. Now, personally, this bothers me. I worked in a video game company, and I do not approve of piracy...but this seems like a scary precedent to try and set. They want to legalize, at the least, denial-of-service, DNS hijacking and spoofing attacks on P2P networks and providers. It's a downhill slide...will they eventually legalize virii and other more stringent methods of reprisal? You know they'd love to if they could; make a CD where if you digitize a track into MP3 it happens to form a virus.

Plus, it will just piss off the pirates more. The people who /do/ buy CDs currently and use MP3s just to sample songs to decide if they want a CD (I do actually know some of these people, though they're an admittedly vanishing breed) will feel offended by the big companies being the 'bad guys'. And it won't stop anything...someone will innovate to come out with a new method, and the companies will either have to give up (which is unlikely) or beg for further rights, like the ability to reverse-engineer P2P networks (i.e. violate the NDA you accept when you install the software) or to demand the source code to any P2P client. Does that mean that then I can start demanding the rights to CD burning software code if I think that the package is being used to copy a game I published? Where does it stop?

Personally, I like the ability to rip my CDs to MP3. Not to trade them around, but because I like putting all my music on my hard drive in a nice big playlist which I can just set on 'shuffle'.

Troubling precedents, I guess...


Yah know.. I admit it. I have more songs then I do CDs. I also have several songs I have on cds, and some of my songs have *caused* me to get cds.

It's a mixed bag...
This is one they'll regret passing. The first l33t s.o.b. that gets his box cracked by these sods is gonna post precisely who done what to whom from here to Mars, and every RIAA-associated site in five systems will get the bejeezus slashdotted out of them, and I don't mean email or web hits. I mean Death Of The Internet Period Predicted.

And then they'll accuse us all of Internet Terrorism and try to pack us off to Charleston Naval Station.... bad place to try that, in Johnny Reb territory. Don't they have a sense of history? The last time Uncle Sugar tried to tell Johnny Reb what to do, they started the bloodiest war in American history... IN CHARLESTON!

Yaknow, the sick side of me says that ultimately this might do us some good.

The teddy bear side of me says that NOBODY would like it.


I'm one of those people who downloads songs and buys cds.

I like having the liner notes and such to peruse. My cd collection grows almost monthly. But you know? I download things too. Sometimes I'll only want one song, or I'll want to find a specific, rare remix. Sometimes I'm just curious and have heard people talk about something. When I used Napster, I usually didn't sharemy collection out -- if I did, it was the obscure, hard-to-find stuff generally. If I download a song or two, and like it, I often buy the cd. and I use them to hook people on new music.

And besides, I like doing the massive music-archive and Winamp on random-play thing myself. So much nicer if you're, say, running something off the cd....