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Return to the Sword Coast...

Well, I had not played anything in the Forgotten Realms in quite a while, but I picked up Neverwinter Nights and really enjoyed what I played of it so far. I like the interface and playability way better than any of the MMORPGs I've played, though it's really not an MMORPG, more like a really advanced Diablo game in some ways.

However, I would like to note that my computer, which is rather more powerful than brent2005's, runs the game LESS well than his computer. Curse him and his fancy graphics card!! Evidently, the graphics card counts for a great deal more than the CPU power. I must now obtain a GeForce 4 so that I can play the game smoothly for GM'ing campaigns.

I've begun some preliminary work on experimenting with a campaign in the toolset. I want to make a neat online tabletop game for some friends to play in, though it will take me a little while to get completely used to D&D 3rd Edition again. Still, Neverwinter Nights so far has won my vote...and unlike Dark Age of Camelot, I think it'll be sticking around longer on my computer. No monthly charges, because the servers are player run... :)
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