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FF Sparks (Casual)

My villain names!

Using 'Rachel', the Riddler says that my supervillain name would be Shockadelica... using 'Rachel Blackman' would make me Stealth Bandit! Whoo!


I plugged in "Jen Stone" and "Glennbot" and respectively got "Quantum Doom" and "Governor Grim." I rather like that... :)
I got 'The Magician'! I sorta like that too. But maybe 'The Haloed One' would have been better. ;)

I am... Batman. Not.

As "Amanda Brett", I'm Quantum Doom.
As "Amanda", I'm Blackheart.
As "therave", I'm U.B. Deliquent.
As "Selene Elianik", I'm The Sizzler.

Hm... secret personality... or MULTIPLE personalities. You decide.