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FF Sparks (Casual)

Moon power, makeover...!

My Senshi Colors Are:

Brown: Practical, Intelligent, Stable

Green: Healthy, Energetic, Confident

Get Your Senshi Colors At SailorOrion.com

Sailor Fashiondisaster, that's me...


But you're colorful, at least! I got white and brown...how crummy is that? I'd be Sailor Dingywhite. :p
Try brown and purple. I'm Sailor Winestain.

Ehnn....I guess it could be worse. Too bad it wasn't silver and black, though. Sailor Monochrome!

Brown and green ain't bad

After all, I think trees have a nice color scheme :)
Hey, at least you've got a /theme/ going on.

I got brown and PURPLE. >.<
Brown: Practical, Intelligent, Stable

Purple: Gentle, Easy to Please, Relaxed

Kill me now. ;_;