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FF Sparks (Casual)

Yicky weather

I finally figured out why I'm so insomniac; it's been unusually hot and humid here lately. All the heat and humidity rises up to the main floor of our house, where my bedroom is...it's very hard to sleep in the humidity and heat. However, the basement - where my computer is - is nice and cool and un-humid. It's the place in the house that's the most comfortable to be in, and so I tend to stay down here instead of going to bed, until I'm so exhausted that I simply /can/ fall asleep despite the humidity and heat. Bleah.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind sunny and warm weather. But usually we get about 75 degrees and fairly dry heat. 90+ degrees and humid...? I'm a Seattlite, this is enough to melt me! Whoever's weather we got, take it back!


Maybe you could just bring a cot or airbed down there for such nights?

Vaguely related anecdote: My friend James had gotten to the point where he was working on art projects till so late in the night, that he'd eventually /preferred/ sleeping on the floor to sleeping in his bed (which was only two more feet away, since this was a dorm room).

Of course, one night he fell asleep under the sink, and knocked himself out on it when he awoke. So if you do sleep in the basement, just make sure there's nothing overhead.
I think it heard you, Sparks....

The wind finally backed around to the West where it belongs, and the temps took a header... from being 94 yesterday in Bridal Trails, it's now 53, and that's not the morning low....

(I've studied weather for many many years, since before you were born... sure, I was still in short pants, but when you grow up in aviation, you learn about weather early...)

Nice to get things back to normal. It was Florida-hot yesterday. Not why I moved here!
*snicker* Whereas here, in south Florida, it's been overcast and rainy every afternoon this week.

You stole my weather!

Give it back! (/six-year-old :)

Man, I was in St. Augustine two years ago *after Labor Day* and I about roasted alive... you can have you're ol' hot weather. Uff da.

I guess when you get old and creaky having it that hot all the time is good for your bones... not none of me, man. This fuzzy ol' bear gets *cranky* when it's that hot. And of course when we have a high like that, the air quality goes to hell, too...

I don't like rain like Florida rain.... but the cool heavy mist we get up here, I've come to like it. Sure, you're going to spend a few bucks on a jacket and proper shoes... but it's damn pleasant compared to stewing in one's own juices...

Re: You stole my weather!

Actually, I hate heat. It does horrible things to my skin and to the rest of me. When we moved here, though, I was a minor and too young to take off on my own (about 11 or 12), so I didn't have much say in the matter.

If you ask Sparks, she'll tell you that I'm all in favour of moving to Seattle! But I'm waiting on the job market, basically...

"Whoever's weather we got, take it back!"

Oops! Sorry. My bad. ;)

If it helps, it's been just as bad down here. But then again, this is Texas. It's usually like that down here this time of year.
Sheesh. Everybody at work has been all complaining about how it's so terribly hot and they're miserable and where's the air conditioning etc etc etc.

Meanwhile I have two shirts on and don't notice anything out of the ordinary. Seattle = wimpy. :>