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Stage Fright

I'm sitting here watching my roommate's younger sister glued to Dark Cloud again, and feeling queasy. Either I've come down with something, or I'm a lot more nervous than I thought about tomorrow's presentation.

I mean, I'm one of the five people who put it together and has to give it, and I am just supposed to be the tomboy who writes code and sometimes keeps the servers running, not some... sales/marketing/management person!

It's not really stage fright. I did stage acting for about 12 years, and stage fright (while real) does not bother me or paralyze me. I think it might be concern over the fact that the future path of our team will be determined by the reaction to this one presentation.

At any rate, I feel queasy and dizzy and drained. Either I caught something, or I'm just stressing about the presentation. Guess I'll find out tomorrow!
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