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FF Sparks (Casual)


My laptop power cord just fried. Literally...plug it into the wall and it sizzles, but plug it into the laptop and no power gets to the laptop. Not good. DOUBLY not good because new power cords for laptops are expensive. TRIPLY not good because Office XP (and thus Word, and my .doc editing capabilities) are on my laptop, and I'm job-hunting. Wugh.

Well, there went MY mood.


What kind of laptop?
Sony Vaio R505TS... AC adapter is $99. :(
Gah! Try calling around - like to the computer stores that work with the military. You *might* be able to do slightly better than that.

Two other options....

1) Check Vetco in Overlake, they have dozens of surplus power supplies. They *might* have one.

2) Go to Radio Slack (and beat the salescritter senseless if he's anything like the pushy bastard that drove me from their Totem Lake store today... and he wasn't even talking to me!) and get one of their universal power supplies, and an appropriate plug. Make sure you've got enough wattage (read the bottom of the p/s or the 'puter itself)...

Yarg. What a thing to have happen, and on a Saturday night too (many of my favorite haunts aren't open on Sunday...)
Bet you anything Billy Gates Gruff had something to do with the design of that power cord. He's sitting in your linen closet laughing his ass off right now. ;)

Glad you had a good day with your pals. That anime sounded cool. Is it on DVD or VHS?