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Mellow, mellow, mellow

Bizarre weather today. It was overcast, and then it started raining hard enough that the rain was literally pouring off the roof of my house like a mini-waterfall - very impressive, through the big living room window - and then it started hailing hard enough that it ripped a branch off of one of my trees... and then it turned into a gentle rain, and now it's sunny out. I think all we needed to complete a set would be fog or snow.

Yet more calls with PopCap, and several recruiters, and Activision still wanting to drag me down to Los Angeles. I'm finally taking a break, and heading out to a late lunch and a walk along the lake with my mother, who was somewhat put-out that due to job-interviews we didn't get to do that on Tuesday like we normally try (though she certainly admits the job interviews were more important). Then I think I'll settle in this evening and try to clear a couple various coding projects - online, and for Ecartis - off my plate, and either get some RP in or work on retouching the scripts for the first story arc of Little Green Apples, so that I can get 'em off to Brent.

And the headache I had from about 6 hours of phone interviews yesterday has mostly gone away, down to only a lingering unpleasant sensation which is probably in part from the 1.5 hours of phone interviews so far today. :)

Feeling pleasantly mellow, but also productive today. Yay!
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