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FF Sparks (Casual)


So, is it a bad thing when you go and look at the pictures from 'Chamber of Secrets' and spot one of Harry and Draco duelling, and want to cheer for the smug smile on Draco's face? Perhaps I've been playing Malfoy a tad too long...

Ah, sod it. No I haven't. Everyone thinks Potter's the best thing since self-slicing enchanted bread just because he's the 'boy who lived'...Gryffindor git needs to be taken down a few notches, and who better to do it than Draco Malfoy, after all? ;)


I almost hate to say this, but Starscream from 'Transformers' is a more three-dimensional character than Draco. :>

Come to think of it, how cool would the books be if Starscream replaced Draco? "Pathetic Gryffindor fools! Slytherins, attaaack!" And he wouldn't need to use a broom for Quidditch, he could just transform and fly around and null-ray the other team. That would be sweet!

You just have to read between the lines to find Draco's depth. Yah! That's it. :)

As for Starscream, hello, even Draco Malfoy isn't /quite/ that lacking in sense. And null-rays during Quidditch? What do you think hexes are for? ...but don't you dare tell Madam Hooch that I said that!
Null-ray all you want to, Malfoy, you still have to catch the Snitch before the game is up.... but I agree, you do have more character than that unstreamlined blob of bits that keeps screaming "ataaaaaaaack" when he knows he's done for...
*tuhs loudly and impatiently* Really, Malfoy, you /know/ cheating will just get you caught one of these days. But if you can't win by the -rules-, I guess you think winning's all that -counts-.

...Maybe I should give up playing Hermione. ;b
...enjoying the thrill of villainy is not wrong. ;)

I feel, your pain.
Yay Slytherin! ;)
Hey! Went looking on the game today. Good stuff. :) Was wondering if I could app for Lupin. Only question is, he was supposedly sent away from Hogwarts, so how much would he be on the game? I'd love to play him. He was wicked cool! :) Contact me on Firan if you want to. ;)
Actually (speaking as the headwiz type thingy) we haff planz for Lupin. By all means, if you're interested, log on sometime and talk to me! (Not now, though, I'm at work.) After about 5:30-6 EDT.


(Chris H.) Commentary from

Why is it that whenever a nice, quiet girl joins an RPG/MUD/MMP, they seem to regularly play mean, angry boys? :) Harry just needs someone who's got good communication skills and whose brain's un-addled by the ravages of puberty to steer him through. Mary Poppins would do nicely, I think. She's even in-country, and obviously equipped for the trip to Hogwart's. :)

And I'm sorry, but Draco is a sad, elitist snot. In any SERIOUS universe about conflict between good and evil, he'd be cannon fodder for sure. ;)

-Chris H.