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FF Sparks (Casual)

I am not a manager! I am a HUMAN BEING!

So, in line with the ongoing saga of the moving cheese, we have a presentation tomorrow to try to fight back and regain our ground and stuff. Which means that those of us who were doing the research had to start doing managerial stuff so that we could all put together a good presentation. Like, I had to open up Microsoft PowerPoint and Project today, and actually use them. *shiver*

And tomorrow I get to play sales-drone to the higher-ups to sell them on why the way we were doing things was good and why the new way is bad. Complete with Pretty Colored Slides. I hope they like the Pretty Colored Slides.

Now I will go home, because my brain has turned into Lukewarm Managerial Goo.


Ow, PowerPoint.

I feel for you. Of all the things I might be embarrassed about my employer for, PowerPoint's right there near the top. ^^;

Re: Ow, PowerPoint.

But it's very good for making Pretty Colored Pictures for Management and Sales-Drone meetings!

And the Nausicaa.net team has used it to script video presentations for conventions. A PowerPoint slide, a transition to one with the key-color of a video passthrough card, a video playing... another wipe back to a slide at the end... voila, nice transitions for a video presentation. :)

How I learned to stop worrying and love powerpoint

What other program is installed on every employee's computer that lets them view the Pretty Colored Slides that I make? I'm just glad PowerPoint 2000 at least made an effort to be more Illustrator-like, so I can at least get some WORK done without right-clicking or digging through eight zillion dialog boxes...

in other words, PowerPoint is the second lowest common denominator, right past JPEG files, when it comes to showing graphics to people at where I work. It's either that, or install Illustrator on everyone's computer. c.c;

Director... is a little bit overkill for day-to-day work. PowerPoint ain't the best, but it gets the job done. u.u

'dre, the designer type