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FF Sparks (Casual)


Harry Potter DVD. Good extra scenes, assuming you can find them!! It took us a while.

Fun to watch the movie again. Noticed lots of odd little moments with Draco which I hadn't noticed before...maybe playing the guy for several months has attuned me more to his scenes. Cheered when Slytherin initially won the House Cup and earned glares from others in the room... sodding Gryffindor sympathizers. ;)

Still sick, though. :(


You squawkin' to me?

What is this "sodding Gryffindor sympathizers" anyway? Just because a guy can wangle breaking the rules into fifty bonus points, you get all jealous 'cause he's better at it than you, Malfoy?

:) :) :) :)

You take care of yourself, eh? Wouldn't do to be out a villian; one has to have some excuse to go slinking around the halls in one's Invisible Cloak, does one not? :)

(I really shouldn't virtual-LARP; I'm liable to scare myself again.)

some Gryffindor groupie or other... :)

Re: You squawkin' to me?

*laugh* mistresschaos is the best Harry player it's ever been my pleasure to RP with. I think I could do Hermione if I tried, though I never really have made the attempt; she's a lot like I was in school (to my chagrin). I can (and have) played Ron, though I can't play Harry (I've tried). And yet, somehow, I end up playing Draco and being told I do it well...I don't get it. *shrug*

As for the other part...

"Just because the Headmaster is a Gryffindor alumnus and the Deputy Headmistress is the head of your house doesn't mean you're /better/ than me, Potter. If the school was run by Slytherin instead of your sappy-hearted goody-goody types, you'd sodding well see some differences!"
Grfle, mumble. I want my DVD to arrive!

I also want my DVD player to WORK. Well, I know it works. I want it to play nice with the TV.

I could play Harry. I could play Hermione. I couldn't play Ron.

I just wanna watch the Snape scenes again. And I want the second movie so I can see more Ginny!