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Fun con. Surreal con. Though one of my friends now has me rather cross with them.

Unfortunately, felt somewhat sick by the time I was at Steph and Adam's post-con. Started with a headache that felt very migraine-y, and a sore throat. Then I had fun stress as my flight got delayed first an hour and then ANOTHER hour, and by the time I got home after being picked up by a somewhat understandably grouchy kieri (3am is rather a less fun time to pick someone up at the airport than 12:50am), I proceeded to go and throw up everything I had eaten today. Evidently, confluenza (i.e. the inevitable flu-thing that springs up when you have lots of people from lots of places in a small space for a weekend) strikes again. At first I thought it was airsickness, but it's not going away... ugh.

*curls up* Someone shoot me. Or hang a 'plague quarantine' sign on my door.
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