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Of traffic and talking and travel and tumbling

brent2005's asleep, and works later today. kieri is at her parents' house. wonderwombat and I got up at 7:00am, puttered around, got breakfast, and headed off towards the airport. We got out the door earlier than we intended... yay!

Unfortunately, traffic wasn't nearly as bad as I expected...so for her 12:45 flight, we were about ready to pull into the airport at 9:00am. FJ wasn't too happy about flying alone anyway and didn't relish the thought of sitting alone at the gate for QUITE that long, so we went and puttered around Southcenter Mall; it was a nice chance to spend time together anyway. The mall itself was open, but all the shops were closed until 10:00...it was very surreal. So we walked circuits around the mall for an hour and a half, talking while we did so, and peering in windows. It was probably good exercise, too. Then I bought some books for my own flight tomorrow (including a paperback of Kushiel's Dart, which amurderofcrows has suggested I read after I inflicted Bone Doll's Twin on her), and at about 10:30 went to the airport. Saw FJ checked in, saw her off to the security checkpoint, and came home.

Made one more valiant attempt to alter my own tickets to something a little saner than leaving Seattle at 11:55pm and arriving in Baltimore at 9:20am, with connections that prevent me from sleeping. Discovered it would cost $2000 to do so, decided I'd be thankful I was going to the con at all and would arrive in time to not miss anything other than pre-con socializing on Friday, and kept the flight the way it is. I'll just suck down a two liter bottle of Coke on Saturday morning or something...it's a con, who needs sleep anyway at those things? ;)

Going now to go try and fix my parents' computer and get my laundry done (tumbling, get it?) while I'm there, since our washer is hopelessly broken beyond any chance of salvation.

Back later this afternoon...
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