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FF Sparks (Casual)

Air travel...

So, my mother is now wary of me going to FiranCon...because the 25th - the day I fly into Baltimore - is astrologically identical to September 11th or something, and so her astrology-aware friends are telling her it's bad news for anyone to be flying that day. They also told her that this month she'd get all the crazies calling at work, and she /has/ really had a high volume of them, so she's nervous about this other prediction.

Pointing out to her that I've survived one plane crash already and so don't think it's very likely I'll be in a second didn't seem to work too well as logic to counter this. Bah.

Been up WAY too late RP'ing with various people on various games, partly due to insomnia, and so going to sleep now. Zzzz...


*heh* That's about.... 4-5 hours away, I think.

Plane crash?

This one I gotta hear... being an aviation nut and all...

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