Rachel "Sparks" Blackman (seattlesparks) wrote,
Rachel "Sparks" Blackman

Birthday summary

So, I went to dinner with my parents. At an organic, mostly-vegetarian restaurant, which served no caffeinated sodas (AAAAAAAAAAAA!!)... can you tell my mother picked the restaurant? On the other hand, they did have very good pasta, and the dessert was heavenly. We had a very odd political discussion, too; an old friend of the family was there, and I found myself in the odd position of /defending/ the president - who I honestly have little respect for - simply because I don't think he can be held personally at fault for any problems in communication about anti-terrorist intelligence prior to 9/11, and - regardless of how the Republicans jumped on every potential scandal of Clinton's, whether or not he deserved it for a particular one, to try and discredit him - I think jumping on Bush for this would backfire badly. Was interesting dinner discussion, anyway.

My presents from my parents were sort of bland; they got a lot of my pictures and posters framed for me, though, which is nice. Including my autographed Michael Whelan print, which actually really /did/ need to get framed.

Got back and went out to see About A Boy with Jen. It was sweet and touching and hilariously funny, so it was a good choice of movie. Yay us!
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